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About - Principles of Freedom Podcast with S Max Brown


As we learn the principles of freedom, we live better lives. Higher Purpose + Personal Responsibility + Stand for Liberty = Freedom


Max is a father, husband, an avid outdoorsman and a grateful American. While I've traveled the globe, living and working with clients in many different places all around the world, Idaho has always been home. In fact, we're raising the 5th generation of our Idahoan family on a little sheep farm in the Treasure Valley.

The Podcast

This podcast takes us into new territory . . . to talk about faith, family and freedom. Here we humanize people as we listen to the stories and life experiences that help us to see our shared humanity -- and appreciate our differences at the same time.

It is about higher purpose, personal responsibility and standing for liberty. It is a place for civility and debate — not hate. I personally believe that when we humanize one another, we realize we share much more in common and our diverse backgrounds and experiences can make us better. Indeed, I may be an optimist, but I sincerely believe we are better together.

The Core Message

For over two decades, Max has spoken in hundreds of locations around the world and he works with dozens of Fortune 500 organizations. The focus is leadership, culture, continuous improvement, group dynamics, organizational behavior, systems design and executive coaching. The core message: the way we treat each other matters. Therefore, the way we show up as leaders really matters if we want credibility and sustainable results.