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Podcast - Principles of Freedom Podcast with S Max Brown

The podcast

The Principles of Freedom podcast takes us into new territory . . . to talk about faith, family and freedom.

Welcome to the Principles of Freedom Podcast

The Principles of Freedom podcast is about higher purpose, personal responsibility and standing for liberty. It is a place for civility and debate — not hate. I personally believe that when we humanize one another, we realize we share much more in common and our diverse backgrounds and experiences can make us better. Indeed, I may be an optimist, but I sincerely believe we are better together.

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Episode 13 – David Bobb: President at the Bill of Rights Institute

This conversation still has me reflecting on so many good points!  David Bobb joined the Bill of Rights Institute as president in 2013 and has ...
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Episode 12 – Rep. Tammy Nichols: Mom, Businesswoman & Legislator

Born and raised in Boise, Idaho Tammy Nichols learned early the value of hard work , teamwork, and perseverance. Tammy began working at the age ...
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Episode 11 – Brittany Love: Candidate for Idaho House of Representatives Dist #17

I am a pro-life conservative invested in serving my community and protecting the constitutional  rights of American citizens. As an advocate for the 2nd amendment, ...
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Episode 10 – Lt Gov. Janice McGeachin: A Conversation with Idaho’s First Female Lt. Governor

Janice McGeachin is the first female Lt. Governor to serve the state of Idaho. Janice is a former State Representative and a successful business owner ...
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Episode 9 – Dr. Darrin Porcher: Why I Defend the Police.

Dr. Darrin Porcher received his BA in Organizational Management from St. Josephs College, and an MPA from Marist College.  In 2012, he received his Doctorate ...
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Episode 8 – Senator Chuck Winder: A Conversation with Idaho’s Senate Majority Leader

Senator Chuck Winder was first elected to the Idaho State Senate in 2008. In 2010 he was re-elected to represent District 14 and elected by ...
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Episode 7 – Sheriff Steve Bartlett: Law Enforcement, Culture & Promoting Community Safety

Steve Bartlett joined the Ada County Sheriff’s Office in Boise, Idaho, in 2003 and advanced through the ranks until he was appointed Ada County Sheriff ...
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Scott Grow

Episode 6 – Senator C. Scott Grow: Why I Believe in Public Service

C. Scott Grow brings three decades of business and financial expertise to the Idaho legislature. As a small business owner, former CPA, tax expert and ...
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Tara Ross, Author

Episode 5 – Tara Ross: Founding Fathers, the Truth about History and the Electoral College

Tara Ross is a busy mom, an author, a retired lawyer, a historian and an expert on the Electoral College. She shares her expertise with ...
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Codi Galloway

Episode 4 – Codi Galloway: Candidate for Idaho House Seat 15B

Codi Galloway is a mom, business owner, outdoor enthusiast, and former elementary school teacher who believes in a conservative government in Idaho.  As the Republican ...
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Rod Beck, Ada County Commissioner

Episode 3 – Rod Beck: Candidate for Ada County Commissioner

Listen in as Rod Beck discusses why he is running for Ada County Commissioner. Get to know the candidates, so you know what they stand ...
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Jan Bennetts

Episode 2 – Jan Bennetts: A Prosecutor’s Perspective on Law & Order

In this episode, Jan Bennetts and I talk about the role of a prosecutor in our community. She shares the stats for what is happening ...
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Tom Luna

Episode 1 – Tom Luna: From Poverty to Business Owner and Leader

Tom Luna is the Chairman of the Idaho Republican Party. Listen in as we talk about his purpose and vision for the Party. Listen to ...
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