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Episode 2 - Jan Bennetts: A Prosecutor's Perspective on Law & Order - Principles of Freedom Podcast with S Max Brown

Episode 2 – Jan Bennetts: A Prosecutor’s Perspective on Law & Order

Jan Bennetts

In this episode, Jan Bennetts and I talk about the role of a prosecutor in our community. She shares the stats for what is happening and her role as a leader with lots of responsibility. Without law and order, chaos and anarchy prevail. This conversation is about what is happening here and now in Ada County.

More about Jan:
Jan Bennetts graduated from Willamette University College of Law in 1992.  After law school, she clerked for the Honorable Thomas G. Nelson, Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, for two years before starting as a deputy prosecutor for the Ada County Prosecutor’s Office in 1994.

Jan has handled a wide variety of criminal cases during the course of her career and she has held various leadership positions in the prosecutor’s office.  She was promoted to Chief of Staff in 2013 where she served for nearly two years before being appointed Ada County Prosecuting Attorney in November 2014.  Jan has received multiple awards. Here are a few highlights:

· Mills-Adler Award, Outstanding Elected Official, Idaho Association of Counties, 2018

· Willamette University (College of Law), Distinguished Alumni Citation, 2017 

· Idaho State Bar Professionalism Award, 2017 

National District Attorneys Association Award, for: “…exemplifying the best attributes of a prosecutor:  exhibiting tenacity, diligence and fairness in the search for truth and justice in the most difficult cases….”, July 2008  

 Idaho Victim Witness Association, Victim Services Award, 2006

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