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Episode 3 - Rod Beck: Candidate for Ada County Commissioner - Principles of Freedom Podcast with S Max Brown

Episode 3 – Rod Beck: Candidate for Ada County Commissioner

Rod Beck, Ada County Commissioner

Listen in as Rod Beck discusses why he is running for Ada County Commissioner. Get to know the candidates, so you know what they stand for and what they represent as you prepare to vote this year.

From his website (RodBeck4Idaho.com): Rod Beck has been married to his wife Rhonda for 45 years. He is a father to 3 daughters and 3 sons, and a grandfather to 17 grandchildren.

Rod Beck is a Proven Conservative who is consistently Pro-LifePro-Gun, and Pro-Education. He supports Free MarketsLimited Government, and wise Economic Development.

Rod Beck knows that property taxes in Ada County are too high and he will work diligently to fix the spending problems that are driving up your taxes.

Ada County desperately needs the Wisdom and Experience that only Rod Beck can provide.

To support Rod Beck click here.

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