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Episode 9 - Dr. Darrin Porcher: Why I Defend the Police. - Principles of Freedom Podcast with S Max Brown

Episode 9 – Dr. Darrin Porcher: Why I Defend the Police.

Dr. Darrin Porcher received his BA in Organizational Management from St. Josephs College, and an MPA from Marist College.  In 2012, he received his Doctorate from Fordham University and he is currently a professor of Criminal Justice at Pace University after 20 years as a New York City Police Officer.

Dr. Porcher’s Dissertation is titled “Reducing School Misdemeanor Assaults In Urban Settings Through School Collaboration Between School Leaders and Police.  The purpose of this study was to identify how urban high schools can improve safety and reduce the number of misdemeanor assaults among students.

He retired from the New York City Police Department as a Lieutenant after 20 years of service.  In his tenure as a member of the NYPD, Dr. Porcher performed a multitude of tasks.  Ten of Dr. Poacher’s 20 years in the NYPD were spent in an investigative capacity as both a Detective and Lieutenant.

As a Lieutenant, Dr. Porcher directly supervised a team of Sergeants, Detectives and Police Officers in an investigative capacity.  This experience entailed investigations into cases involving murder, sex offenses, felony assault, prostitution & human trafficking, robbery and drug offenses.

Dr. Porcher is a nationally recognized Criminal Justice expert providing testimony in high profile trials such as South Carolina v Michael Slager.  Dr. Porcher regularly travels the country providing expert testimony in various parts of the United States.

Dr. Porcher is also a retired Officer with the United States Army Reserve. As a commissioned officer in the Army during a time of war he was tasked with ensuring his unit was prepared in various aspects of counterterrorism.  Dr. Porcher constructed a series of homeland security, and professional development seminars for his military counterparts to ensure unit compliance.

Additionally, Dr. Porcher regularly participates as a Criminal Justice commentator as an expert on police procedures and tactics and terminal issues of public safety for MSNBC, FOX NEWS, NEWSMAX, CourtTv, and CNN. Dr. Porcher has on several occasions narrated crime stories on both the Oxygen Network and A&E.  Additionally media venues include: NY1, Fox 5 News, ABC News, United Nations World News, and Pix 11 News, BBC television, Al Jazeera America, Verizon FiOS News, and Hot 97 FM radio, NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt.  Dr. Porcher is a founding partner of Innovative Public Safety & Media LLC.

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