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Episode 11 - Brittany Love: Candidate for Idaho House of Representatives Dist #17 - Principles of Freedom Podcast with S Max Brown

Episode 11 – Brittany Love: Candidate for Idaho House of Representatives Dist #17

I am a pro-life conservative invested in serving my community and protecting the constitutional  rights of American citizens. As an advocate for the 2nd amendment, and the wife of a police officer, I recognize that self defense is not only our right, it is our duty, and I will not hesitate to protect our rights.

The number one accomplishment I will strive for when elected to the state house is to be the best Idaho legislator for my District 17 constituents. As an educator,  working with the Boise School District to improve education for the kids and make sure teachers and staff are well taken care of important to me. 

Currently, I work in ministry but I have served as a member of the Ada County Republicans Committee for many years. Because of my Christian values I understand the plight of the less fortunate and I will strive to improve their lives in a way where big government is not their stranglehold. Outside of working in ministry and serving as a precinct committeewoman, I enjoy volunteering for a variety of local charities and non-profit organizations. My foremost passion is being involved and keeping Idaho great. 

I also love to hike those glorious foothills and spend time with my family as much as I can. 

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