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Episode 12 - Rep. Tammy Nichols: Mom, Businesswoman & Legislator - Principles of Freedom Podcast with S Max Brown

Episode 12 – Rep. Tammy Nichols: Mom, Businesswoman & Legislator

Born and raised in Boise, Idaho Tammy Nichols learned early the value of hard work , teamwork, and perseverance. Tammy began working at the age of 6 years old as she grew up in a family which owned and operated several private schools and day care centers in the Boise area. She graduated from Boise High School where she participated in the student body government, as well as on the “Brave Sensation” Dance/Drill Team.

Tammy is invested in her community and has served in a wide variety of capacities and leadership positions. She has coached youth soccer and basketball, worked with the Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts programs, has participated in various service projects and community events including The March of Dimes. As a school volunteer, she has participated as a classroom mom, “field trip chaperone”, football parent, and with many projects such as fund raisers, teacher appreciation days, pictures days and many other activities and functions. As a church volunteer, she has served participating with the children’s music program, youth girls activity group. She has also served as Sunday school teacher, youth organizational president, secretary in the women’s Relief Society organization, and instructor.

Experience in the banking industry and medical industries, serving on several boards of directors as treasurer, and handling the financial responsibilities of her own small business and family finances has taught Tammy how to be financially conservative, whether it be in business or personal . She does not have a spend thrift mentality. “I grew up in a family business, I learned early the importance of financial responsibility and what it took to make a living. This is how I function in my own business and in my family. When you are entrusted with the money of the public, it should mean even greater responsibility and higher standards in the way in which you use and spend that money.”

Currently holding the office of Central Committeeman and Treasurer in Canyon County, Tammy has seen and participated in the governmental process first hand, and understands the good, the bad and the ugly that comes with it.

Tammy has worked with several local and national organizations on various issues that concern not only Idaho, but also our nation. These include educational issues, the 2nd Amendment, Constitutional Amendments, Veteran, taxes, marriage, abortion and more. She has had the opportunity to speak and work with many national and state leaders regarding these important issues. This has been a very valuable, and educational experience for her.

Today, Tammy represents you in the Idaho Legislature. She serves on 3 committees which are: Agriculture, Business, and Revenue and Taxation. Here, she uses her voice to echo your concerns. A voice that matters. A voice that cares, and a voice that stands for liberty, freedom and truth.


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